Preventive and alternative treatments of helminth parasites in organic dairy goats

Cynthia Verwer, Nick J.M. van Eekeren. 2013. Preventive and alternative treatments of helminth parasites in organic dairy goats. 7th Novel Approaches Meeting. , Toulouse. 25–28th March 2013.
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Organic dairy goat farmers in The Netherlands do not wish to use chemicical anthelmintics as preventative and curative therapeutics against helminth parasites. Regarding helminth parasites steps are taken in the direction of prevention and monitoring, and only when necessary curative treatment. An evasivel grazing system was developed in combination with a close monitoring to prevent helminth parasites in organic dairy goats. This system worked very well in keeping the incidence of helminth infections in dairy goats at a low level. However, recent data showed that some farms have problems with helminths in the early spring, especially with Haemonchus contortus, even though animals were treated when dried off and/or grazed on clean pastures. These farms are characterised by a diverse and rich flora in their grasslands and the presence of wild deer. It was investigated whether this infection was caused by infected litter in the stable or by means of fertilization with infected manure. Samples were taken from the litter in the stable and from the manure heap. None of the samples contained infectious larvae. Infection through wild deer is still under investigation. Additional to prevention by means of a evasive grazing system the use of Paramaxin in the prevention of helminth infection was investigated on-farm. The incidence of helminths in the Paramaxin treated animals, compared to non-treated animals, was lower. Paramaxin treated animals showed a decrease in their egg counts over time. However, infections could not be overcome completely with Paramaxin treatment.

Keywords in English: organic dairy goats, pasture scheme, Haemonchus contortus, wild deer, Paramaxin